Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions from January 2023

Deposits – A £20.00 non-refundable deposit will be taken when booking an appointment.

Bookings – Future appointments must be made when dropping off or collecting your dog. Please therefore be aware of your diary commitments when dropping off or collecting your dog.

Cancellations – Within 10 working days of the appointment 50% of the full cost of the groom is payable.  Within 5 working days of the appointment the full price of the groom is payable.

(working days are Monday to Friday inclusive)

Rescheduling appointments – if your appointment can be rescheduled within 5 working days your deposit will be transferred to the new appointment.  Appointments that cannot be rescheduled within 5 working days will be treated as a cancelled appointment and the above fees will apply.

Payments – all payments must be made 7 days in advance of your appointment.  Payments can be made by BACs or credit or debit card.  Payment links will be sent on request.  Late payments will be subject to additional fees.  Appointments for December need to be paid in full at the time of booking unless you are a VIP or VIP plus member.

Stopping the groom – TopTails reserves the right to stop grooming at any point of the groom if your dog becomes ill, stressed, or aggressive.  The full price of the groom will still be charged.

VIP club …The Benefits

Spreads the cost of grooming into monthly payments to help you budget
VIP dogs are rarely matted and so always have a pleasant groom
Discounted grooming prices, your price will be fixed until the end of 2023.
Priority booking of appointments.

VIP plus club… The benefits

All the benefits of the VIP club but with a 10% discount on maintenance teeth cleaning, when added on to your dog’s groom.

To join Top Tails VIP Club, both you and your dog have to meet certain criteria:

The dog must be a fully grown adult

You must have been charged about the same amount (within £5) for your last three grooms

You keep your dog to an agreed grooming schedule which is appropriate for the amount of maintenance you do at home and the dog’s coat type.

VIP fees are paid by Direct Debit on the 1st of every month.

To work out how much your grooming bill is the number of grooms to the end of the year is divided by the number of months to the end of 2023.

You pay this amount on the first of every month by Direct Debit. You don’t have to worry about a thing after that.

And anyone can drop your dog off or pick it up for you!

Your prices will be based on the price you are paying right now, but will be fixed to the end of 2023; protecting you from the annual price rise on September 1st.

How it works

We will schedule your appointments until the end of 2023.

If you cannot make an appointment (holiday, etc) just let us know and we’ll move that appointment for you – all the others will stay the same.

If you cancel an appointment without giving 5 working days’ notice or you fail to show up for an appointment (known as a no-show) then you forfeit that month’s VIP payment and will have to pay the ad hoc price for a replacement.

Our Benefits

Top Tails knows when you’re due so we can reserve a space in the diary for you.  Appointments can be scheduled in a more time efficient way.
Clipped dogs are still “in trim” which is far easier for dog and groomer than one which has grown out
VIP dogs learn their specific grooming routine extremely quickly and are a joy to handle

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