Puppy’s First Visit

Puppy’s First Visit is a very special service.  It’s really important to make sure that as part of your puppy’s socialisation they have an early visit to the dog groomers.  This will enable your pup to get used to the sounds of the hair drier and hydrobath and the sights and the smells which accompany a visit to the dog groomers.

Vanessa would gladly welcome your pup for a Puppy’s First Visit experience.  She can advise you on the type of brush most suitable for your pup’s coat and how to gently but firmly introduce your pup to grooming. She will introduce your pup to the grooming table and put on the hair drier and bath so that puppy can hear some of the sounds.  This will all be finished off with a biscuit as a special reward for being so brave.

Puppy’s First Visit should, like all of the Top Tails services, be booked in advance.  If a first grooming session is booked at the time of Puppy’s First Visit then there will be no charge for the Puppy’s First Visit special service.

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