14th January 2021


The guidance for what is now considered welfare has changed. The vast majority of the dogs that I groom still fit under the new definition.To give you some examples of this:

Many of the dogs that come to me have obvious skin conditions or skin conditions that are under veterinary treatment or that their vet has advised them about in the past.

Many of the dogs I groom regularly have matts clipped out of them that the owners were not aware of until they came for grooming.

Some of the dogs I groom have nails that grow very quickly and start to alter the position of the toes or grow in to the skin if not groomed on their regular schedule.

Groomers are allowed to be open for welfare trims, however, I now have to assess each individual case.

You will be asked about the condition of your dog by email the Friday before your booked appointment.

If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch with me. The last thing I want is your dog to suffer or you to stress or feel the need to struggle with home trimming.

Take care xx

11th January 2021

Groomers are allowed to be open during lockdown for the regular maintenance trims as part of their welfare. This link is a statement from the Pet Industry Federation regarding Pet Grooming and Welfare and this is a link to the Government website.

The links give information as to what is classed as welfare and permitted reasons for travel and businesses that can remain open.

All COVID-19 secure procedures must be followed.

Please remove winter gloves and use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the salon.

 It is a legal requirement that face coverings are worn when dropping of and collecting your dog.

If you have been in contact with someone who has COVID, are self isolating or you have symptoms you must rearrange your dog’s appointment.

18th June 2020

Welcome back. Here’s what to expect now we’re open again.

23rd March 2020

I’m so sorry but having listened to the PM’s statement I am going to have to close (as per the government’s instructions). Please do whatever you need to do to keep your dogs coats knot free and healthy. Get in touch with me if you are struggling and I can give you some support. I’ll put some resources and recommendations up on my website and FB in due course. Obviously when I am allowed to open again I will be in touch.

Stay safe and give your dog a cuddle from me xx

How to trim the feet and terrier coat maintenance for hand strip coats.



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Top Tails Dog Grooming Warwick

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