Training for Groomers

Energy Flow in the Salon…a recipe for calmer dogs and easier grooms

Everything is and has energy.  When we lack energy, we feel low, things are slow, we don’t feel on top of our game.  Now think of your salon (or wherever you groom) as an energy system.  This means all the furnishings, sounds and smells, the equipment you use, you, and the dogs you work with and the humans that are dropping of the dogs.  Everything within it has energy and all the parts make a whole. 

Dogs are feeling beings and they feel our energy.  How many times have we said or heard people say, ‘the dog is picking up on me?’  For dogs to be in balance are calm their energy needs to flow. 

When a dog is at a groomers’ every process puts in additional energy (they already have life force energy and the energy from whatever else has happened before they come to us).  Dogs express and ground their energy to keep their energy flowing.  This then can make things difficult for both the dog and us as groomers because when the dog is on the table it is limited in the ways it can ground and express their energy.  The result is often a dog that is unsettled and awkward or difficult to groom.  This can then cause stress, agitation and frustration for us and a whole host of other emotions, which are in turn is passed on to the dog and the situation builds.

With Energy Flow in the Salon we look at every aspect of your salon (you, your equipment, the techniques you are using, your environment).

Benefits include:

  • Knowledge of handling techniques that support energy flow
  • A toolbox of alternative techniques that make it easier for the dog in terms of energy flow
  • A greater connection to the dogs you groom
  • Less pain for us as groomers
  • Ways to help you manage the emotions caused by your more challenging clients (both dog and human)
  • A working environment that supports energy flow

All these parts add up to creating an energetic environment that supports the energy flow in the dogs you work with to enable calmer dogs and easier grooms.

Everything is backed up with science and has been tried and tested with salon dogs.

Day Course Contents

What is Energy Flow?

  • Types of energy that our dogs are exposed to and how they can affect behaviour
  • Canine Flow and techniques that a Canine Flow Practitioner would use
  • Why and how using the principles of Canine Flow can help in the salon
  • A journey through the salon – including energy build ups and bursts, heart energy and communication
  • Using heart energy for our well-being and to improve our interactions with clients and lower stress and irritations that are passed onto the dog
  • Why we need to have clean and tidy grooming areas from and energy perspective

Grooming Techniques

  • Proprioception and the use of grooming aids…how, when and what and why?
  • Energy Flow through the spine for dogs and groomers
  • Energy points in a dog (areas that we can use to calm and a dog and areas that are often sensitive
  • Bathing techniques
  • Drying techniques
  • Clipping
  • Scissoring
  • Products
  • Nails

Dogs that require more support

  • Counter conditioning and desensitisation
  • Distractions to help ground energy and release endorphins
  • Meditation
  • Canine Flow Spirals (why and how)
  • Professional Canine Hypnotherapy

Course date: Monday 4th July. 10am-4.00pm at the Kennels Club Buildings, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Price £110.00 payable by bank transfer.  Course fees are non refundable.

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